How make your idea come true to get custom made paper packaging box with your logo print

Time : 2020-04-09

Put in your shoes, we totally understand that when you have a plan to make a custom packaging box for your products, you probably only have a rough idea in your mind, and you may don’t know how to make it comes true. That’s a normal phenomenon in our packaging industry. So a professional packaging company is very important to you in that case. I would like to show you a case how we make our customer’s idea be come true through a rigid telescoping setup gift box development. On Sept.20th2019, we receive an inquiry from our customer A, she told us she wants custom made a high quality gift box for her product. And her products including two parts, one is 3 pcs plastic bags packed their products in 2.6cm high and a tin box same height as 3pcs plastic bags. Then she informed me she need us make sure her products don’t move when transportation, the most important is that she want her packaging looks luxury and in recycle feel and send me below paper texture images. 

And she wants make 3 colors gift boxes, they are in same dimensions only printing color &logo are different.

Above are all information we get from her. As a professional packaging salesman, I totally know firstly I need confirm box construction with her. Then I send several boxes styles to her and finally she confirmed that rigid setup telescoping box with lid is the style she wants. Secondly, I send below paper sample swatch images to her confirm cover paper.

She finally confirmed that she likes the third option.
Thirdly, I plan to confirm with her printing color, she tells me that she wants boxes are in purple, pink and black with her logo pattern. Purple, pink and black are the background color for box. I told her if so, we’d better choose those 3 colors in international pantone color book so she can gets exactly same colors as she wants, she doesn’t know what it is then I show to her, so we easily get PMS colors for those 3 colors, those are PMS677C, PMS7450C and Black.

Then I asked her the surface finish of box, she tells me she wants logo hot stamping but needs in high quality look. I showed her some different stamping colors and she finally chose rose gold stamping color.

You may thinking why I confirm those details before asking box dimension, that because I know the box needs hold two parts her product, so the best is that she sends one set of her product to us and we shall test it and know the box size ,I asked her sent me her products, she agreed. And after 3 days, I got it.

The last question I need confirm with her is that the insert material, her requirement is that ensure her products don’t shake when transportation, so I suggest her use high density foam and send below foam color swatch for her choose from, she finally confirmed use the black one.

She informed me that her designer doesn’t know how to design pattern on our template, then I said ok, just sent pattern and her logo in vector format then we can do this for her and send her confirmation. Below are arts for pink box our designer worked out and ready for sending to her confirmation.

She is very happy to get our quick response with arts. And she confirmed after 2 days and ask for sampling. We finished samples 7 days after her confirmation. Below are samples images.

Pink, purple and black custom rigid base and lid setup telescoping gift box packaging with black high density foam insert. Custom made setup rigid gift box with black foam tray.

She received rigid setup gift boxes samples 4 days after we sent out. And she is very happy for the quality and confirmed order after check details. And after 20 days, we finished mass production and shipped out timely. Now she sent feed back to us consumers very like her products and our box packaging and she may send repeat gift box order very soon.

So if you only have an idea for your packaging project, please don’t worry about it, what you need do is send us an inquiry and inform us your thoughts. We are professional packaging company can make all kinds of packaging such as custom labels stickers, custom gift boxes, custom printed cylinder tubes, custom stationery diary books, custom folding cartons etc.

Your inquiry will be replied in 24 hours. Please feel free to contact us.

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