Custom protective materials packaging boxes offered by EPC package Co.,Ltd.

Time : 2020-04-09

Under global coronavirus disease outbreak, EPC has back to work and offer custom made disposable medical mask and so on protective equipment packaging.

COVID-19 spreads to 114 countries, every country is trying to control and reduce infection. China says it’s passed peak of coronavirus epidemic, the number of infections is gradually decreasing. But in some other countries, the number of infections is increasing very fast. Their government is under much pressure for lacking of disposable medical masks and so on protective materials. In the past of 2 months, China government encourages Chinese enterprises shift to produce masks and so on protective equipment, so now there’re many factories can produce those kinds of products.

EPC package is the company which manufacture all kinds of products packaging, such as disposable medical mask boxes/ packing boxes & labels, forehead thermometer packaging boxes & labels, alcohol disinfectant packaging boxes & labels, safety goggles packaging boxes & labels, protective clothing packaging boxes & labels etc.

Under the circumstances of lack of protective equipment, time is money, so we suggest you choice simple packaging to save packaging production lead time, below are some simple styles and popular disposable medical mask packaging for your reference. You can customize printing according to your design.

EPC ensure provide excellent service and high quality packaging to service our customer. More details,please call us : +8613763126226 or email us to, we will reply you very soon.