Customize kids cartoon labels stickers printing

Time : 2020-04-21

“Mum, can we go out for fun? ”

“Honey we have to stay at home because if go out we may have risk infect virus, ok?”

“ Alright.” with unhappy face.

“Look, honey, I have gifts for you. a cute kids cartoon labels stickers set!” mum take out the carton labels stickers set from her back in a surprise look.

“Wow, so cute and beautiful cartoon labels stickers, I love it! Thanks mum, I won’t feel bored with lovely labels stickers sheets.”

Above is the normal phenomenon family faced, as the global COVID-19 epidemic outbreak, many schools have to close and children must stay at home avoid from infection. That’s may lasts long time. Parents are trying to get more fun so Kids willing to stay at home.

How to spend with them at home? Customize kids cartoon labels stickers sheet is the one of best products for your choose. Kids DIY cute cartoon labels stickers, number labels stickers help kids learning….

EPC is a labels stickers printer in China and accept low minimum orders. We own advanced digital printing press so we can start with small run labels stickers with reasonable price.

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