Can I see a custom paper packaging printing proof for my order?

Time : 2020-04-28

As a professional custom paper packaging printing supplier, we usually been asked if we can make a paper packaging printing proof for check before make an order. Some are our potential customers and some are valued customers when discuss new packaging project. Our answer is yes!

Regarding for all kinds of custom packaging such as custom labels stickers, custom printed paper tubes, custom rigid boxes, custom folding cartons, custom diary book, we can offer different printing proofs for you check, there’re digital printing proof and physical samples

Let’s see difference between digital printing proof and physical samples. Digital printing proof: printed by digital printing press (like a printer), the printing color is different from printed by printing press, so digital printing proof can’t be used for color approval. It is available for printing content, material, size, surface finish confirming. Also, it is suitable for small quantity samples requests (1-2pcs) then sample cost is much cheaper than physical samples cost. Normally charge $50-$100 per design.

Physical samples: it printed by printing press, so printing color will be same as production, it equals to pre-production samples, if you approve physical sample, we can match above 97% when make production. That’s the best choice for sampling, but the sample cost is much higher than digital printing proof. Also, if you need more samples then this way may be better. Normally charge $150-$300 per design.

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