Can you print for custom paper packaging box inside?

Time : 2020-04-30

An exquisite custom packaging box is very important to improve your products value. A professional custom packaging supplier not only care about order quantity customer, But also have ability to handle with all things customers thinking about such as give professional Advice for the most suitable custom packaging material, surface finish, packaging styles, how to make art. get best printing color effect etc.

Some customers purchased packaging from their products supplier before and it is the first time to make a purchase for their custom packaging, so they usually ask us if we can print for custom paper packaging box inside or can only print packaging box outside? Let’s clarify this for different packaging as below:

1) For custom labels stickers, it is obviously the back side with glue, so we can only print front side.

2) For custom rigid boxes, yes it is available for print boxes inside.

3) For custom cardstock tuck end boxes, it is available for print both of boxes inside and outside; but for custom corrugated tuck end boxes, as corrugated paper is not available for printing so for custom corrugated tuck end boxes they are not available for print boxes inside.

4) For custom printed paper tubes, normally tubes inside keep material itself color, there’re 3 options: white, kraft and black color, we can also use silver/gold paper mounted on tube inside, but the cost is higher. Also, if you need print tube inside ,it is available too but the cost higher than the cost mounted on tube inside. So it depends on your demand.

5) For custom diary books, yes of course both of book cover and inner pages can be printed.

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